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'Request' provides the ultimate experience for Guests patronising establishments in the Hospitality Industry such as Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Food Shops, Cafe's etc.

'Request' is not an App.  It is activated by Guests scanning a QR Code onto their phone & then proceeding to send their 'requests' for any & all the services your establishment offers.

Request - The Ultimate In Hospitality Guest Services for Restaurants & Hotels Using QR Code Technology

So you're in the Food & Beverage Industy!

Then you'll be so excited by


Does providing more time servicing your guests and less time taking orders sound like 'good old commonsense'?

Click the button & let us take you thru the easy process of how 'Request' works as well as the revenue & rewards it offers.

'Request' is QR Code based that, once scanned to your phone will deliver the services for any Hospitality business in seconds

So operate a 3 - 5 Star Hotel or Resort?

Then you too will be so excited by


Imagine.. Providing every service you offer in your Hotel or Resort at the virtual fingertips of your valued Guests

Now also imagine your guests no longer need worry about coming to reception nor pick up the phone and, can communicate in multiple languages with 'Request'




WhatsApp + 66 89 7800 215
Philippines + 63 999 469 2934

Email - services@request.global

When you're ready to increase revenue & dramatically increase Guest Service Satisfaction with QR Code technology  - The name to remember is 'Request' 

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