What is the Request-QR

It's the 'jewel in the crown' of Advertising for Businesses. Any Business - SME - MICRO - CORPORATE - FREELANCE

 The most inexpensive, dynamic, memorable & interactive advertising you'll ever see and, ever likely to see. Because really... It's so simple & so brilliant!


What's in it for you?

Plenty!   Should you take the next steps to complete the form below & meet with us on a virtual meeting.

Once can do that, the likelihood that you can successfully operate the Request-QR Franchise is probably pretty great!


You're taking the first step towards bettering your future even more & we look forward to you potentially being a part of our Request-QR Family

We believe any Franchise should offer not only offer true value for money and the ability to make you an excellent income, but also the potential to be absolutely sustainable, with an automatic “built-in” process that helps people & businesses.

This is one of those Franchises

Franchise Cost

Let's start with the cost. The Request-QR Franchise cost is $US,9950. It is COMPLETELY TURNKEY.   

It includes everything you need to begin your Request-QR Franchise journey straight away after your initial training which takes (really) less than 1 Day but with support that's always ongoing.


Below we begin to outline the Request-QR Franchise. But it's simply impossible to lay out everything here.  The only way we can do that is to start the 'meeting' process.
So complete the form below & let's get going!

About Us

We are joint venture between Eyedeas International Philippines & Eyedeas Company International Co., Ltd, an Australian, Thai and Filipino owned enterprise operating globally for the past 22 years. The Philippines is just one of the many countries that Request-QR is opening up to, and, it is our aim by the end of 2023 to be active in, but not limited to, Australia, UK, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong & Singapore.

Eyedeas as the name suggests is in the Industry of “Ideas”, that is, concentrating on the development, consultancy and realization of projects that empower not only people, but companies looking for an ‘edge’.

We are and have operated & marketed a vast range of industries and technologies some of which include High Level Personnel Training & Corporate Consulting at Fortune 1000 Companies, LPG/CNG and fuel technologies, talent agencies, non-slip technologies, brand ambassadors, international head-hunting, consultants to start-ups plus web design & SEO specialists just to name a few.

Our vast experience ensures that you, as a potential Franchisee of Request-QR have the expertise readily on hand to help guide you in the years ahead.

Request-QR-The Franchise

An amazing marketing paradigm shift

Request-QR provides for an amazing paradigm shift in the way SMS's MSME's Corporates, Freelancers and in fact anyone who offers any product or service market themselves.    And Request-QR is totally complimentary and supporting to any and all advertising mediums   


  • Request-QR is all about assisting businesses market their products & services to willing consumers in ways never done before.
  • Enabling businesses to dramatically reduce their advertising budgets whilst gaining higher exposure than has ever been possible (up till now).
  • To provide businesses (within seconds) the correct 'tools' and platform to offer their products & services to consumers.   Again, in ways never done before
  • Marketing strategies to attract consumers to products and services from businesses who are aligned with the Request-QR in the most outstanding & unique ways that make heads turn
  • As a Request-QR Franchisee, every single business is a potential client whether they be MICRO, SME, Large Corporations/Businesses, Freelancers or work at home businesses.
  • It takes just 60 seconds for any business to realize the value and benefits the Request-QR concept offers to increase their sales.
  • The service is absolutely, unequivocally affordable to virtually any business even very small businesses, who can be 'grouped' together.
  • The Request QR Franchise is NOT rocket science – It is so simple to operate & very easy to understand
  • The ‘average’ Franchisee could potentially & very easily turn a gross profit of $US2,700  per month after expenses within just a few months and even 3 - 4 times amount within in 6 - 12 months
  • Be part of a huge advertising budget both initially and ongoing which supports you as a Franchisees.   And being SO UNIQUE it will be very quickly recognized by consumers at large and likely bring massive media coverage
  • The services you will offer are ULTRA accessible to literally ANYONE in order to take advantage of what the Request-QR Franchise concept offers. All one needs is a smart phone to capture QR Codes.
  • The Request-QR Franchise can be operated from your home or from your office and requires NO INVENTORY
  • The services offered by the Franchisee can be marketed either in-person OR via SHORT online meetings.  Marketing the services does NOT depend on being ‘in-person’ with potential clients and therefore successful sales can easily be achieved by either method
  • The Request-QR service caters to so virtually any marketing medium and most definitely compliments existing marketing strategies by ANY business large or small.
  • We provide you with everything you need to start pretty well immediately after we finalize all the formalities.   


  • You are an Entrepreneur and love (or would love) being in business for yourself
  • You CAN afford the cost of the Franchise and it’s not an issue
  • You are a ‘people’s person’. You get on with well with others and have a great personality
  • You enjoy helping people (particularly SME’s) and seeing the rewards you can offer them.
  • You are a LEADER and NOT a follower. You know how to LEAD by example
  • You enjoy making money in a good honest manner and will NEVER deceive or even attempt to deceive or lie to others just to obtain a sale
  • You present well, are polite and have a good command of the English Language


  1. Complete the form below and send it off to us
  2. We'll arrange for an online meeting to discuss Request-QR in greater detail
  3. Once you return some documents to us, we'll begin forwarding every detail you'll need to know in order to begin your success with Request-QR Franchise

'Request-QR' The Franchise is truly amazing!

Franchise destined to disrupt without the frustrations & nothing like you've seen before! 

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'Request' QR Franchise Contact

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AUSTRALIA -  +61 (0) 2 8006 1016   PHILIPPINES +63 (0) 999 469 2934   WHATSAP +66897800215

EMAIL - services@requestqr.com   WEB  - https://requestqr.com

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WhatsApp + 66 89 7800 215
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Email - services@requestqr.com

When you're ready to for one of the best Franchises globally that meets the times of today for both businesses & consumers, the name to remember is 'Request-QR' 

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