An F.A.Q Guide to 'Request'

To obtain a quick overview of 'Request' we've outlined in 'bullet point' below the main details, however it's worthy to note that from adversity comes opportunity.   It is true that COVID has brought along a lot of changes that are for the better & one of those is definitely 'Request'

  1. What is 'Request' - It is an App (that does NOT take up space on one's device) that is triggered and opened by scanninng a QR Code which can either be programmed and integrated as a Digital App or an Interactive App.  Each establishments 'Request' contains full descriptions, products, prices and other helpful information all fully categorized.   All one need do is scroll & view.

  2. What is 'Request' Used For? - To view, order, pay and request Products & Services from any F & B establishmens, Bars, Hotels, Resorts & many other product or service type businesses from any mobile device.   Printed menus become obsolete.

  3. Where Do I Scan the QR Codes? - In each establishment that embraces 'Request', QR Codes are placed in the most appropriate places.   In Hotels they are in the Rooms and identified by room number.  In Restaurants & Bars the QR codes are on Tables, identified by Table Number as well other strategic areas.   In various 'Service Markets', they are placed outside & inside stores, on Social Media & Websites.

  4. How Does 'Request' Help Customers? - Service is much faster.   Guests don't need to handle menus.  Language barriers are reduced or eliminated.  It is almost impossible for orders to be mistaken.   Service can be obtained from anywhere within the premises of Hotel or Resort without the Guest needing to locate staff.  (The same goes for Restaurants & Bars as well as keeping an eye on bill totals).   Guest can pay directly for their goods and/or services to an establishment's payment facility.  

  5. How Does 'Request' Assist My Business? - There are many, but some of the main ones are savings in time, which equates to money, extremely pleasant experiences for Guests, much faster service, reduces or eliminates language barriers, saves money on stationary & promotional printing costs, can measure and improve staff efficiency and can allow staff to multi-task more effectively.   In addition, 'Request', by default, instills greater organizational elements within any business and is possible to increase sales by 20% or more
  6. What is 'Request' Interactive? -  Enables all service requests and orders from Guests to travel & interact directly to an establishment's POS system. In the case of F & B businesses and Bars, less time is taken in ordering and more time given to service. For Hotels and Resorts, the benefits are also massive and is best to be read in the How It Works link titled "For Hotels"    For operators of 'Request' changes required to accommodate seasons, specials & promotions can be added or changed in minutes.

  7. What is 'Request' Digital? - Almost identical to 'Interactive" except it does not interact with any POS System and orders cannot be placed as is the case with Interactive. Guests can however view products & services and can be re-directed to an establishment's Social Media or Website to place orders.   Changes to pricing, prodcuts and/or services can also be done within minutes in the 'Request' Admin section. 

  8. What Are Some Other Noteable Points? - >> In Restaurants, Guests can literally list within 'Request' their exact requirements (eg no onions,  tomotoe etc), >> full customer order history can be viewed, >> 'Request' can call the Waiting Staff, >> Relying on human memory becomes a thing of the past, >> No need for waiting staff or hotel/resort staff to be writing copious notes, >> Much more expedient customer turnover >> Orders & service requests can be printed on specific department printers, with all cumulatively going to 1 central printer location, >> Menus and Services can contain much greater detail than is common practice on printed menus.  >> All contents can be enlarged for optimal viewing.

  9. It Reads Like the Pricing for 'Request' Could Be Expensive? - Totally to the contrary! View the pricing details in the main menu to get a very pleasant surprise!.

  10. Cleanliness & Avoiding Contact With Menus - In F & B establishments, when menus are obsolute, there is no longer a need to clean any menus.   Guests notice this, and, even if there was no COVID, menus as we've know them are useless in today's modern age. They are expensive to produce, cannot be updated easily, are unable to carry sufficient information and automatically attract germs and bacteria.  

  11. Getting Ahead of the Competition -  It has been proven, especially with large F & B groups in the UK that QR Code menus are the preferred choice of today's Diners.   They are more likely to choose establishments offering this method of ordering over ones that don't.

  12. Multiple Outlets - Consistency should run across all multiple locations of any establishment that integrates 'Request'.  Just as one knows where virtually everything is when they visit a 7-Eleven, the same can be said for companies operating multiple F & B Outlets.   Guests know how they can browse, order without the need for service staff to be waiting for their order.   Instead, service staff can spend more time servicing and less time taking orders.

  13. Additional 'Request' Markets Other Than Hospitality - There are a myriad of other markets that can take advantage of 'Request' and of course the benefits.   Be sure to read in the 'Other Services' link in the Menu.

  14. When Is The Right Time to Implement & Integrate - There is no time like the present to upgrade your operations to 'Request' whether it be a Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, Resort or in fact any business that can benefit and save time and make money with 'Request'

The Process of Integrating 'Request' for Hospitality & Other Markets

'Request' is QR Code based that, once scanned to your phone will deliver the services of any Hospitality business in seconds

'Request' Initial Meeting

Meet & Greet


In this 1st stage we meet either online or visit you to discuss...

'Request' is QR Code based that, once scanned to your phone will deliver the services of any Hospitality business in seconds

'Request' Development


Building App

All the information we require to develop your 'Request' App is...

'Request' is QR Code based that, once scanned to your phone will deliver the services of any Hospitality business in seconds

'Request' Integration



Now the excitement begins as we bring 'Request'live to your... 


Setting GPS Coordinates

Applicable only to 'Request' Interactive' Clients, this is discussed in our initial meeting.  Suffice to say, specific GPS Zone Coordinates are set for your establishment 

The Benefits of 'Request'
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The Benefits of 'Request'
Are Simply Staggering - 'How To Video'


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